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Agroter Sat N°1936

AGROTER is a Transformation of Agrarian Society in the agriculture sector. Dedicated, with more than 20 years experience in growing, harvesting, packaging and marketing of fresh produce.

The S.AT Company was founded in 1982, with 71 farmers we specialize in the manipulation and total production of crop from plant to harvest.

Our principal production is the cultivation of: Artichoke, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Onion and also Seedless Watermelon.

All this production is cultivated in the Valley of the Guadalentín.

In whole we cultivate approximately 1.100 hectares, where we produce a total of 30’000 tons with an annual turnover of more than 7 million Euros.

The Society is in constant improvement, looking for new channels of marketing, Supermarket Chains in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands and the East.

Agroter have the certifications Globalgap, quality of the protocols - BRC and implanted the norm BRC and we are supporting our commitment with the environment, and have added a Managerial Plan of Prevention of Packaging that tries to reduce the impact that the residues on the way.

Our facilities are placed in the deputation of Tercia, population of Lorca (Murcia), possessing a total surface of 25.000 m2 and 4.000 m2 of storage manipulation, conservation and offices.

Agroter SAT N° 1936 Address: Camino Cartagena, S/N, Diputación de Tercia 30815 Lorca Murcia Spain Phone: +34 968 465763 Fax: +34 968 442904
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